Ronald H Jackson.      

Ronald has submitted this photo taken at RAF Yatesbury in 1947, if you can add any details them please email me.

Hewins Nicholson Tompkins Sullivan Olly Hollis Unknown Unknown Green Benett Chas ('Greg') Peck Sandy Begg Tiplady

Moving the mouse pointer over the picture will show the identity of the individuals.

    Known names are:-  Sandy Begg, Bennett, Green, Hewins, Olly Hollis, Nicholson, Sullivan, Tiplady, Tomkinson.


Chas ('Greg') Peck
July 2001
What a shock to see this. I am standing behind Sandy Begg. I am sure that Olly Hollis is the chap in the rear looking down at the ground, sixth from the left.
Olly and Sandy stayed on as instructors with me when the training course finished. Olly and I taught Rebecca-Eureka, Sandy taught H2S.

Look at Chas's page for a follow up to this.


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