Ian Hick.
RAF Yatesbury, Sept.1958 to May 1959.

These 3 pictures are my sole record of my time at RAF Yatesbury. I signed on for 3 years after seeing the problems my friends had with National Service (i.e. lack of cash). I did not look forward to life on ten shillings a week!

The above photo's show the interior of our hut on 'bull night'. The floor shone like gold and just after these pictures were taken some bright spark hit upon the idea of sliding along it on a mattress.  This idea was quickly developed to see how far each of us could persuade the mattress to take us down the hut. Eventually we were standing at the other side of the road outside the hut, running across, down the steps, along the short corridor past the store room, and diving onto the mattress. The game ended when one of us reached the far end of the hut - and noted that there was dust everywhere and the floor didn't look so good, resulting in 'bull night' starting all over again, with no time left for the nightly trip to the NAAFI.
This is before the award of the Bright 'Sparks' badge! what went on after qualification !! - [the webmaster].

Ian Hick, ARF 200 September 1958 to May 1959.
pic 1

 The above photo shows the full compliment of the hut and ARF 200 just before we set out for the Saturday morning parade. (I played in the Station Band, who stood at the side of the square and played the necessary marches for the camp to march to). 
I can concur that it is infinitely advantageous to stand at the side of a square playing an Instrument than it is taking part with the masses - [the webmaster].

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