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Christmas 1998 No. 06-scr (183K) No. 06-pr (213K)
Spring 1999 No. 07-scr (674K) No. 07-pr (1,175K)
Summer 1999 No. 08-scr (201K) No. 08-pr (244K)
Autumn 1999 No. 08-scr (264K) No. 09-pr (347K)
Winter 1999 No. 10-scr (356K) No. 10-pr (525K)
Spring 2000 No. 11-scr (424K) No.11-pr (700K)
Autumn 2000 No. 12-scr (105K) No.12-pr (246K)
Winter 2000 No. 13-scr (135K) No.13-pr (347K)
Spring 2001 No. 14-scr (248K) No.14-pr (515K)
Summer 2001 No. 15-scr (185K) No.15-pr (299K)
Autumn 2001 No.16  Sorry, not available
Winter 2001 No. 17-scr (221K) No.17-pr (468K)

Newsletters are available for downloading. There are two formats available. 
1. With the pages in consecutive number for reading from the screen. (This will print each page at A4 size).
2. With the pages in opposite number format for printing your own newsletter. (This will print 2 pages onto A4 which, when printed both sides and folded, will reproduce the Newsletter as distributed).

All files are in Acrobat format.
To download to your HDD, right click on the required newsletter and select 'save target as'.

You do not have Acrobat Reader! get the latest version.

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